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At Betafix all dubbing is professional

We are very proud to be able to say that we work with a highly professional team; dubbing actors, sound engineers, adjusters and the best dubbing directors.

  Strengthen your markets with quality dubbing

ACTORS Professional actors

Europe has a long tradition of professional actors who become dubbing actors. Only a good actor can be a dubbing actor as it is the only way that the actor can transmit the character with the full impact of the on-screen performance.

We always offer the best voices for casting sessions. Our database includes a vast range of professional dubbing actors.

Sound studio Recording in different countries

Our facilities have all the state-of-the-art tools and professional engineers needed to carry out an audio production that is of the same standard as the original production, and that both satisfies your technical needs and meets your deadlines.

  • Technical specifications:
  • · Pro-Tools, Steinberg Nuendo
  • · Recording rooms with Dolby Premier Certification
  • · A studio with Dolby Atmos Premier Certification
  • · Neumann U87Ai microphones
  • · AD&DA preamp AMEK System 9098, Focusrite Red 7, Apogee & Motu.
  • · Effects units: TC Electronics - System 6000 dynamic external processor
  • · As well as the most innovative sound effects and plugins.

Pre-production Renaming files

Our exclusive secure file nomenclature system guarantees that files are not lost and that we meet the official nomenclature requirements.

For sequences that require lip-synching, adaptations are made before the recording is carried out. During this process, the length of the text and take and the coordination between the mouth of the on-screen character and the text are adjusted.

Post-production Audio editing and mixes

Our various post-production solutions were conceived to ensure the final quality of each audio file. We have the highest quality standards in order to obtain the desired audio quality, and we guarantee compliance with any technical requirement or limitation.

Final mixes and sound effects
Our studios' vast experience in dubbing and soundtrack mixing, as well as original effects for cinema and TV will offer the best quality to satisfy your postproduction needs.

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- We have the necessary experience to carry out the globalisation of your products.
- We have the best professionals and vast experience in the sector.
- We offer the best professional rates.

About Us


Betafix was founded in April 1998. This project was started by the marketing and development team at ERBE Software, the legendary videogame distributor, who quickly saw the specific needs of the emerging videogame industry and decided to form an active part in the creation of the localization industry. From the start, our goal has been to specialize in knowledge and support for the cultural adaptation of the entertainment software industry and since then we have managed to maintain long-term working relationships with our clients.